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It's been a while..

(Friday 13 July 2018) by Karen O'Shea
It's been so long since i updated this travel journal, it has taken me quite a while to firstly remember my login details ;-) and secondly figure out how to update journals, maps and photos, so "bear" :-) with me folks i am a little rusty.

When i said it has taken me a while to get up to speed with uploading, mapping etc...i wasn't exaggerating...its now two weeks later.... and i'm still figuring it remember the save changes button...:-)

The plan......
Heading off to Alaska, the last frontier for a few weeks :-)
The last frontier...
The last frontier...

I am going on a camping trip for two weeks....why not....go big or go home :-):-)
Where i will be going..
Where i will be going..

Keep ye posted......:-)

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