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Circumnavigation...from home to home...

(Tuesday 5 June 2012) by Karen O'Shea
What an absolute blast...........................

Over the last week I flew from LA to NY and caught a train up to Vermont to visit my cousins. It was a long long journey. After about half an hour in the air after leaving LA we had to turn back because a passenger got ill onboard. So after another while we took off again and got to NY without any hitch. So flight 13 also ended up being flight 14 too....:-)

Then got on the train to Vermont this train journey should only have took 5 hours. But that wasn’t to be. There was tornado warnings so the train speed was restricted to 25 mph. Actually the rain was unreal and the fork lighting was mad. Cool to see though. But no so cool where there was two trees knocked across the tracks. So we had to wait till they were removed.

Eventually got to Vermont at a really late hour. Took me 24 hours overall to get from LA to Vermont with all the hiccups…ah well. ;-)

So glad I went to Vermont. It was great to see Don and Margaret and the rest of the clan. Totally enjoyed the afternoon we spent shooting and yolfing……I’m not too confident with a 12 gauge shotgun, 22 semi automatic and 22 revolver I can manage but not the monster of the 12 gauge….as you will see when I show you the video….lol…give me the red rider any day!!!!!;-);-);-)

For the last number of weeks I have been wondering how I would wrap up my blog and I feel very unprepared for it. It just sneaked up on me. Really can’t believe my tour of duty is up. It’s taken me 214 days to travel through 4 continents, 10 countries, 15 flights, numerous trains, buses, vans, cars, bikes, scooters, boats, on foot, elephant, camel, horse, tandem, bamboo raft, roller coasters, quad bikes, helicopter, taxi, tuc tuc, rickshaws,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, all covering 78,000 km to circumnavigate the globe and return to where it all began…my home .It seems only a while ago I started to plan it out. ;-);-)

Thinking back when I started planning I was only going to Australia and than I thought I might go to Thailand and as my plans grew bigger and bolder and my mother’s eyes wider before we all knew it, I was having breakfast in London, dinner in Hong Kong, than hitting for Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Thailand again, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Australia Again, Lunch in Fiji, Canada and finally 34 states of the USA…………..;-);-);-);-) (whow did i really do that...);-);-)

My adventure started 214 days ago and I loved and enjoyed every one of them. I know I am extremely lucky, not everybody can do what I have done. A lot of people ask me which country was my favourite, and I never compare one country off the next. They were all so different. But different and all as they are they had three things in common FUN …..FUN …….FUN.;-);-);-)

I met and travelled and lived with some really amazing people. They were pretty awesome and I know I will catch up with a lot of them again. That’s one thing I love so much about travelling is meeting people from different sides of the globe all with a common interest of seeing as much of the world as possible. My address book has gotten bigger and figuring out a place to go on holidays will never be a problem for me…;-);-)

I want to thank all my travel buddies who I met in Asia, Australia and New Zealand who helped make the last eight months the longest party of my life!!!!!!
And a special “Go raith maith agat” to the salty crew who I wrecked across America with, it was epic!!!! ;-);-)

And to those of you reading this, Thank you guys for following my blog and leaving comments. I always loved reading them, Home never seemed so far away. It meant a lot. I hope you enjoyed reading them and maybe got a glimpse of what I was seeing and feeling. I said i would be honest through out my blog so i hope it came across that way. I know we all can’t shut up shop and hit the road…..( so in a way I did it on your behalf…;-);-) (if any of you would like to sponsor my next trip i am open for negotiations......;-);-)

And thanks too to my family and my friends who never once raised an eyebrow to what my plans were. I know I had your backing all the way no matter what hair brained ideas I was throwing out in the planning stages. (even when my own travel plans were scarring me at times..);-)

And while I am thanking everyone I am going to thank myself on my own behalf (don’t want to be left out of the thank you parties). It was a hard thing to do heading into the complete unfamiliar, to walk away from what I know, a cozy life, a full time job, an income, to leave my friends and family and especially my 2 most amazing nieces Lucy and Lily (oh and bud).;-)

But it was all my decision and I am so glad I made it. No regrets. You know age is just a number and dreams can come true, if you set your mind to it you can overcome the obstacles that you probably have made yourself…..Just believe and anything is possible!!!!;-);-)

The past 8 months have been such a blast, so amazing and really enjoyable. And I do realize how lucky I am to have been able to do it. I couldn’t have asked for any better it was just totally awesome. I have seen all the places and done all the things I wanted to do (on this adventure). And met the best of folk along the way. My whole trip has been out of this world and has gone way beyond any expectations I had!!!!;-) I got so much out of it down to the last second...seriously it couln't have been better.....;-);-);-);-) I am trying to pick a fault or something that went wrong and there isn't any, i just wanted to have a great time and come back in one piece.....And i so succeeded!!!;-);-);-)

Would I do it again….yes I will. There is such a big world out there I want to see so much more, I am just ticking places off my list. But for the time being its back to reality (a word I haven’t used in months) and enjoy time with my family and friends and all the things I have missed. (Simple things I missed…lucozade, spray on deodorant, a bed and toilet doors that fit and not leave gaps…;-), Mom so looking forward to the dinner, I can nearly taste the gravy.

God sorry this kind of turned into an “Oscar acceptance speech”…lol

p.s. I will be in griffins public house on Saturday night…..

p.p.s. This isn’t the end of my blog……….it’s just taking a break until my next adventure, don’t know when don’t know where but I know it will BE!!!!

p.p.p.s …;-)…So for now adios amigos………Watch this space………………………I’ll be back!!!!!!;-);-)

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