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...Loving you long time...

(Monday 19 March 2012) by Karen O'Shea
G’bye to the Southern Hemisphere…….been loving you long time

Well my time in Australia and New Zealand was just so enjoyable. The new people who I met on the road while travelling were pretty damn awesome. And the people I already knew, I just got to know even better…So it was WIN WIN for me! :-) :-)

So it’s onwards and upwards and off I go to discover a whole new continent. Hollywood is calling me…ha-ha. :-) I will be joining a 9 week camping tour of the states. (Yeah 9 weeks camping!!!!!!, may as well GO BIG or GO HOME I thought.

I think between that and my 3 week camping out in the bush in Australia, I will be able to survive out on dear island……I’d give that bloke Bear Grylls a run for his money…Not a bother too me!!!);-)

Must admit I will be sad to leave Australia and New Zealand and all the good friends along the way (thank you all…again), but the show much go on and It ain’t over till the fat lady sings….and if I continued to eat and drink the best from the Moore’s fridge …(sorry correction…. fridges..)…….….I’d be the one breaking into song..….lol :-) :-)

:-) And I know even as I sit here in the airport surrounded by a number of people with smelly feet I will be back sometime, you can chalk it up!!!! :-)

FYI i am not one of the smelly feet brigade...too afraid to take off my trainers...i will wait till i get to the US after 4 airports and 40 hours of travelling....god love the yanks :-) :-)

So adios amigos … I better get some shut eye while I can….. chat to ye state side…. ;-)

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