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....The Littlest Hobo....

(Friday 9 March 2012) by Karen O'Shea
Dear Blog

I’m so sorry I have neglected you but I have been busing……living and…………. living it up!!!!!

From the end of Jan to the middle of March I had no plans made for Australia, no tours booked just the plan was to go with the flow……….which I did! So I ended up like the “littlest hobo” just landing on peoples door steps……….and thank god there was room at the inn….:-)

Firstly I arrived at Michael and Judith’s (Moore) house in Mount Martha (near Melbourne).Where I can only imagine I must have looked a sight, after 3 weeks of camping…….;-)

It was so great to actually have running water, electricity, do some laundry, no queuing for the bathroom, (actually just having a toilet was awesome) no locking away my stuff, no wildlife crawling over my sleeping bag. It was pure heaven.

It’s been like my home away from home. Had golfing lessons, cooking lessons, Been fed and watered (and fed and watered again…lol:-D to the highest of standards. Here I can only say I was spoiled so much. So much so I ended up staying over 2 weeks… (see what I mean when I said I had no plan).

I than hit for Newcastle which is about 3 hours north of Sydney. I stayed here with Leisa an Australian girl and her daughter Charlotte. Myself and Leisa worked together in Lisdoonvarna in 94 and I also lived with her family for a while when I was here in 98. It’s been pretty cool catching up. Some people you don’t see for years and just pick up where you left off. ;-)

Off to Sydney than, where I met up with Marie McNamara (Lisheen)…where we put the village to And I met up with another few people whom I had met on tours.

Then I hit for Auckland New Zealand where I stayed with Claire, further north I stayed in Kaukapakapa (love the name) with Renee, two fun girls I met on my Vietnam trip. Took in some of the sights, a couple of concerts and a visit to a private farm which was unreal (consisted of lots of animals and sculptures…….as it would like). Again I was pretty much spoiled here too, so thank you girls.

This kind of amuses me, the fact that I am visiting people I met on tour…but they are like new old friends, if you get what I mean!!!!:-):-)

Next stop a place called paraparaumu still in NZ, I stayed here with Linda, Who I also worked with in Holland in 95 and I also stayed with her when I lived in wellington in 98. And again we hadn’t seen each other in years but it felt like only yesterday.

Stayed in New Zealand for 10 days………..not bad considering I wasn’t coming here when I left home…… see what happens when I have no plan…..B-)

Then I popped back on a plane to Sydney, where I met Mairead Hayes from Ennis who I used to work with in Carrigoran. Fun catching up……so much fun, I never got to go shopping for a new pair of well overdue trainers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was followed by a train trip where I landed back in Newcastle. (Time to take a breath Karen….I’m a little dizzy after all the yo yoing about).;-)

Am off to Sydney next week to catch up with some more folks and than its off to Mount Martha again to visit Judith, Michael, Grace and Daniel (and max the dog), for a long Patrick’s weekend, god Moorebegs do you know what your letting yourselves in for…..B-)

The past few weeks have been so enjoyable. It was good in a way not having any plans, and I think I needed the break from all the going. ( I laugh to myself here as if the last 6 weeks wasn’t GOING……..):-):-):-)

So thank you to all for putting my up on my travels, it has been very very very very much appreciated and I hope I can return the favour someday……………..and someday soon at that!!!

Although I probably will only be able to afford a Windy house when I get home……but I suppose I gotta start somewhere on the property ladder………ha..ha.. :-):-):-):-)

Later dudes.......B-)B-)B-)

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