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So Long Asia......

(Tuesday 3 January 2012) by Karen O'Shea
:-):-):-):-) Happy New Year everyone, hope its your best year yet….:-):-):-):-):-)

Singapore, the place is oozing money. It’s such an extreme to the likes of Cambodia and Vietnam. My god there is the whiff of money everywhere. And if I thought Malaysia was expensive, this place tops all. 18 sgd (11 euro) a bottle of beer, and that is the cheapest beer, trust me I shopped around!!!:-(:-(

There are so many nationalities living here, that I honestly don’t know what a true Singaporean looks like. Oh my god is there shopping malls everywhere. Even trying to get out of the subway you find yourself in a shopping mall, great if you want to shop, not so great if all you want is the bloody exit!!:-)

Orchard road is full of designers, prada, Louis vuitton, d&g, so many more. I went into a few of them just for a look, I had given myself a few pointers before I went in

1 don’t knock anything over
2 No Karen really don’t knock anything over
3 ok…if something does hit the deck…....throw yourself to the floor with a fainting episode and hope for the best…..:-):-):-)

The cheapest thing I found in the “SALES” was a skirt for 499 dollars… of course I said I’ll have one in green and I’ll also take one in black LOUIS….thank you very much.;-)

Did a few touristy things like the open top bus and the night safari. The safari was cool got to get close to the animals.

Well I managed to survive nearly two weeks here and not break my pocket thankfully. I’ve spent my time here recharging my batteries. It was actually nice not to have to pack my rucksack every day.

Christmas day went well, in fact it went pretty much like any other day which is how I wanted it to go.
New Years eve fireworks I really enjoyed. God it was so hot and humid at the bay, it’s funny I had to go in doors to get fresh air….or as the locals call it air conditioning.;-)

Spent the last few nights sharing a dorm room….bloody hilarious, Korean, Taiwanese, and we all try to converse and nobody understands who is saying what….a lot of hand gestures and giggling…:-)

Oh mandy, get this, I went to the hair dressers yesterday for a PERM…’s really lovely, it really suits me…… only messing just a cut, (oh I would have love to have seen your face there;-);-)), but instead of a chair at the basin…..they have what I can only describe as a bed!!!! Plus they give you a head massage as part of the wash….oh it’s the way forward!!!:-)

So overall I really enjoyed south east Asia, so many contrasts between the countries. It was a great experience. So I am off to Australia tomorrow and really looking forward to it. I’ll miss the cheapness of asia but certainly not the squad toilets, under cooked meat and noodles ( I do like them….but not for 2 months….), I’m pretty much noodled out!!;-);-)

So adios amigos, untill you hear from me again….;-)

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