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I had to buy an umbrella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Friday 23 December 2011) by Karen O'Shea
Kuala Lumpur

I liked this city as me and cities go. Such a culture shock from Vietnam and Cambodia. Guess what I had to buy……………………………an UMBRELLA…………I mean really:-). A brolly in December!!! It’s the end of the rainy season here, so when it rains boy does it rain heavy, there is no little drizzle of a warning…just a full on heavy shower. But at least it stops!!:-)

Decided to take the hop on/off bus to view the touristy spots, didn’t want to get caught short if there was a down pour. Mandy and orla it was so much warmer than our last tour bus…lol.:-):-)

The PETRONAS towers. What a splendid symbol of modern sophistication. Visited this place twice, once in the afternoon and then came back in the late evening to take some night photos. Which I think was worth it.

The towers are so daunting up close. I suppose like what the twin towers in the US were. They look so much better by night lit up. They still remain the tallest twin towers in the world….(just incase it ever comes up in a table quiz…;-). 451.9 meters.

Next tourist spot to visit was the KL tower. At 421 meters it makes it the 4th tallest freestanding tower in the world. The CN tower in Toronto is the tallest at 553 meters…..(again for the table quiz). We got to go to the top of this..Nice view over the city.

Actually at the base of the tower we took a nature walk through the world’s only virgin tropical rainforest in the middle of a city. Our guide was so funny, he was very passionate about nature….and kept stressing not to mess with mother nature….has a fair point!!;-)

Berjaya times square..It’s Malaysia’s biggest shopping mall…….with an indoor theme park…roller coaster and all. Something else to see I tell you. Lucy and lily you would have really loved it here.;-)

Ok photo shoots and all the touristy spots I wanted to see, over. Now time to hit the night life of KL. Found this bar called the beach bar with a Malaysian girl singing Mariah Carey, (and a guy rapping to it during the chorus….He was no WILL.I.AM )…..but quite priceless none the less!!!!

This bar has been one of the funniest I’ve been in, didn’t realize what kind of bar it was until I was half way through my first drink. Lots and I mean lots of ladies of the night all different ages all competing with each other. Funny to sit back and watch how the operation goes!!!:-)

Should have read my guide book better as it stated “drinking in Malaysia is definitely no budget activity”!! What a shock to the system having to pay 8 EURO a bottle………….i miss the 50 cent beers from Cambodia…..Of course being me I decided not to come home at a reasonable hour..….much to the complete horror of my poor pocket;-)…….(and thank you Reece and Daf for another funny night out….entertaining to say the least…;-).:-):-):-)

Oh well Karen I suppose I never did things in half…I’m hardly going to learn now.


Nice small town. Full of shopping malls…….I’m on shopping mall overload. It’s been raining quite a bit here…hence all the travel journals entries. The old part of the town in a unesco world heritage town.

Get this there is a smoking ban in the town centre that covers a 4 km stretch….oh mother dear this wouldn’t be on your list of places to see. The tourism minister thought a smoking ban would encourage more tourists to visit. Can’t see it taking off at home myself….

A funny mode of transport they have here , just for us tourists, are trishaws. Biasically a guy cycling a bike with a side car in which you can fit two people. Ok normal enough, until you add in one hell of a boom box pounding out the tunes, decorated with fake flower after flower and enough Christmas lights to light up Ennis…;-)

I know the photos have been slow in coming but I hope to have them all uploaded by the new year.

:-):-)Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remind myself that I’m actually here. I sat at the table last Christmas day and I said I wouldn’t be around for this year’s dinner…..I wasn’t sure where I was going but knew I’d be somewhere else….and here I am baby cakes… south east Asia!!!!!! Who knew!!!!:-):-)

I am now in Singapore where I will be spending my Christmas and new year this year before I fly to Perth on January 5th. So on that note thank you all for the comments on my blogging over the last few months and hope ye still keep on commenting in the future.

:-)……So I Wish everyone a merry Christmas and good luck and good health in 2012………:-)

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