Travel Journal


(Thursday 22 December 2011) by Karen O'Shea
North Malaysia

Stopped off in Penang for 2 days. It’s an island off North West Malaysia. Its just another big city. I’m more at home in the countryside. I’m trying to think of something interesting I saw here…..Oh yeah it was the bridge on the way out of there….lol:-):-). Yeah just another big smoke!!
Although I did pick up some cheap bootleg dvd’s at a good price…

Cameron Highlands

Now this place I liked. Its mid way between Penang and Kuala lumpur. It’s a jungle area high up in the mountains. The temp doesn’t rise above 25 degrees and it rains for more than 300 days a year….and we thought we have it bad at home…:-).

I thought it would be more under developed but it’s the opposite. A lot of hotels and holiday homes have sprung up in the last few years, even a swanky golf club has appeared. With all the development that has gone on, the place is prone to mud slides and landslides.

I decided to take a 4 hour hike into the rainforest. Half an hour into it I was thinking had I made the right decision but yeah I sure did. The place was so green. All you could hear was the wildlife going about their day to day business. It was so peaceful. Got to see the world’s biggest flower. It’s called the Rafflesia. It takes 7 months to flower and only lives for about 7 days. :-)

The trek itself wasn’t that hard, you just had to climb over and under and through so much. While still trying to keep your balance and your mouth closed..(god only knows what was hanging from the trees).
Than it began to rain, that’s when the balancing acts started. I was doing great for so long……………and than bang…..i pulled off quite a spectacular slow motion fall onto the ever so wet mud!!!! Nothing damaged only my pride…..and ever so wet and muddy for rest of the day. I think I peeled some layers of skin off the soles of my feet….i was squelching around in wet shoes for hours. A mild pedicure perhaps…:-)

You know im so glad I didn’t know what wild animals were in the rainforest until I visited a museum in the afternoon, which showed me what I was keeping company with. So many varied of spiders, snakes, beetles, giant grass hoppers…..i must say ignorance was bliss.;-)

We travelled on a range rover. God was it home made. The steering wheel belonged to a Mercedes, the front of the jeep said range rover, the back said Nissan, god only knows what kind of engine we were running on:-).

And the driver had no patients…..he undercut…..blew the tourists off the road….took short cuts through car parks……made his own lane ways…..I thought I’d left all that behind in Vietnam. Its amazing how the locals can make 4 laneways out of 2……:-):-).


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