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Crazy Bangkok

(Friday 2 December 2011) by Karen O'Shea
Thailand Bangkok …………………..(Part 1)

Oh my what a place. You could see anything here. Just to sit on the street and watch folk go by is an experience itself. There is a fair selection box out there I can tell you… We stayed near Khao san road. It’s like a real long market (on the road), pubs on the street and the dance floor is the footpath. :-):-)

Overall it is a busy place, wild driving alright whether you’re in a bus, tuc tuc or taxi, but not as wild as Vietnam. Nobody honks here because the king of Thailand appealed to the drivers of Bangkok to refrain from honking, which made a great change from the honking in Vietnam, Cambodia didn’t really honk either.

One night in Bangkok was crazy fun. :-)

Two nights was extremely eventful. …………………..It consisted of one of the girls in our taxi opening the door of the cab to get out….only to knock a whole family off a scooter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes extremely funny now but at the time a little hairy.:-\

It all happened so quick, car door opens , family hit the deck (more like toppled over onto their side, they couldn’t have been going that fast), taxi driver gets out and starts shouting, the family on the bike starts shouting, the child is crying which was good as he wasn’t really injured, the locals then start crowding around, we are still in the taxi, we make a quick decision to get out and leave the mayhem, so we do (bear in mind still a lot of shouting going on and in a language we don't understand), taxi driver follows us on foot, we eventually lose him, only for an English jerk to pick up where he left off, roaring and shouting at us, we picked up the pace, got in another taxi and got the hell out of there.7-)

God I had visions of being on Thailand’s most wanted or that programme “Banged up abroad”…could you imagine!!!! The story was quite hilarious looking back, and to be honest there were a number of things wrong, Firstly the taxi driver should have pulled in to the footpath not stop dead on the road, Secondly the scooter shouldn’t have cut us up on the inside, and Thirdly the child should have been in the leaba……(ah yes plenty of excuses there karen).....But hey this is Bangkok anything goes..;-)

You know me and bargains…..i can smell them at 100 paces. Well I went to this huge shopping mall called MBK to buy a notebook (small laptop). Picked one up for about 220 euro which was great. Didn’t get windows installed in it as I thought I’d download it cheaply from the net. After hours of trying I bit the bullet and went back to the same shop to get them to install it. Which they did, and when I arrived back at the hotel to go play with my new purchase, to my delight I realized they also installed Microsoft office and wait for it……….adope photoshop cs5 BONUS OR WHAT!!!!!

Three nights in Bangkok…enough now thanks, time to cross the border into Laos……Here we go!!:-)

Ps I have tried uploading photos but the connections is snail’s pace….so when things speed up I’ll post some pictures………….keep the faith..;-);-)

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