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(Saturday 26 November 2011) by Karen O'Shea
Top of the morning from Cambodia.

Firstly thank you all for responding on my blog, its great to hear from ye, ye don't seem so far away. And its enjoyable reading your comments. And Welcome to my new followers. And just for the record i would never eat buds cousins, snake was my limit.....(ok with you ger..):-)

Cambodia, what was i expecting, well a very poverty stricken place. And yes i got that but i am also amazed at the wealth here. When we crossed the border from vietnam all we were hit with was casino after casino, mainly for tourists as the locals can't afford it.

We stayed in Phnom penh for two nights. (this is the capital). There is some big gap between the rich and poor, there really doesn't seem to be an in between. I was stunned at the amount of suv vehicles on the road, you name it audi, lexus. And big houses too. Than the poverty side is heart breaking. Young kids, younger than lily begging on the street, rummaging through rubbish for food or plastic bottles that they can get money back on. It would really pull at your heart strings. We went to a bar where there were young girls again, i was uncomfortable here. They were dancing around male or female....all they saw were dollars. It was very sad. Even in the hotel we stayed in there were signs up on the wall which stated that they wouldn't let a minor into the hotel unless they were with a parent. So you have an idea of what goes on here. Quite sick really. Its amazing what poverty has forced people to do. You can read all about the poverty and child prostitution but to see it for real was an eye opener.:-(

To cut a long story short i never made it to the killing fields or s21 due to a great fun night out, a crazy Australian dancing queen, a keep fit class at half four in the morning on the quayside and 30 cent beers....(god when i come home i'll be complaining about the price of drink). Michael and Mary will have to have a Cambodian themed night.....with Cambodian prices!!!!;-);-);-)

We than went to Seam Reap. Angkor wat is here. There are a phenomenal amount of temples here. We got up for sunrise over Angkor wat this was quite breath taking. The whole day we spent visiting temples ............and climbing steps..........and getting sunburned. it must have been about 35 degrees..........i know imagine...........35 degrees in November!!!! :-)

Later that day i took a quad bike around some villages. (it was a little more exciting than my last quad adventure around Cahercon).:-)This was one of my highlights of Cambodia. There were so very little cars around, just some bikes, dogs, cows and the occasional chicken crossing the road...:-):-):-)I drove for about an hour and a half, and i wished i could have drove on and on. It was so peaceful. Saw a sunset over the paddy fields. It was great. Its amazing how all the family work the land here, and all ages. Again i know i've said it before but im so amazed at how friendly and happy the people are here. Out in the villages all the kids were shouting hello and waving. I kind of felt a little guilty at how lucky and wealthy i am in comparison to them. They seem to have accepted their lot, lesson to be learned from them for sure.

The following day we went to visit an orphanage, we brought some gifts ie rice, dictionaries, paper. pens and some toys also. This was another highlight, the kids were adorable from age 1 to 18. They put on a little concert for us and than we got to chat with them. I met a little girl called lily and so was her doll.....cute. You'd want to bring them all home. The orphanage doesn't get any government funding they just rely on donations. But on a positive all the kids looked very happy so it wasn't as sad as i thought it would be. At least they are a lot safer here than on the streets.

I just purchased a netbook so i can update my blog and eventually upload some photographs. At the moment im in Bangkok.....whoooooow:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

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