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Same same but different...

(Tuesday 22 November 2011) by Karen O'Shea
Same same but different is any answer to just about any question here in vietnam. Every reply is same same but different.

The mekong delta, This was absolutely amazing. Its another world. You can find boats, houses and even the markets float upon the rivers and canals. It was so green it made a great change from the cities. Our guide was called "nom", oh my he was absolutely hilarious really out for fun. I really can't wait to upload the photos of the food we got,,, (orla you would have loved it), absolutely amazing, nearly too nice to eat. :-)

Before i came on this trip i kind of thought to myself.. When in Rome!!! So that is what i did, for those of you with week stomachs, stop reading now:-( (know none of you will as i now have your attention). Tried a little Snake wine, basically its a very dead (thank god) snake fermenting in a jar with rice wine, Had a shot of that, tasted like a strong whiskey really......NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT...LOL;-)

For dinner they killed a snake ( i wont even describe that), tasted like an extremely tough chicken. I won't ever be ordering it. Tried a little shot of snake blood, (sounds worse than what it was, there was plenty of alcohol in the drink). One of the guys ate its heart (still beating)....if your sick at this stage i did tell you not to read on. ;-)

Got taken around to a few different villages to see how they survive, god they really live in shacks. All of the family in one small place. Even women in their 80's are still working to earn an income for the family. I kind of felt a little guilty walking around these folk, i mean my camera is worth so many years of income to them.. I'm still so amazed how they are so friendly and happy.

Overall did i enjoy my time in Vietnam, you bet. I really loved everything about it, the landscape, the country, the food, the people, the whole lot. Everything was same same but different. Would i come back, not a bother!! Now off on a ten hour bus ride to soon;-);-)

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