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(Sunday 20 November 2011) by Karen O'Shea
Hello folks....
Nha Thrang yeah real party place. Full of fun. Found a theme/water park on an island off nha thrang. It was so so quite as it isn't the tourist season yet. I felt like i was in a scooby doo movie on a deserted island. It was really good, no queuing for anything, I felt about 7 years of age again, it was great fun.....:-):-)

Ho Chi Minh (formally Saigon), If i thought Hanoi was bad with scooters...omg this place had rush our all day long, no let up. If i could have stayed at one side of the street for the time i was there i would have. I had to brave the traffic and cross three roads at a round about...This was an experience, talk about taking my life in my hands!! On a more positive note i did find a pedestrian crossing that they actually stopped at, but as your crossing you have hundreds of scooter riders all eye balling you and revving heavily waiting for you to madness!!;-)

Took a bus out of ho chi minh to go to the Cu Chi tunnels. These tunnels i really found amazing. Basically what they are is an underground system of tunnels. During the war the could have 5,000 viet cong soldiers in them. The tunnel openings were really small, only fit for the Vietnamese not the Americans. The tunnels ran for maybe 200 km three floors deep. I think it was a really smart system.

Once they shot at the Americans they would disappear back underground..leaving the yanks a little baffled. What amazed me was the Vietnamese wasted nothing during the war, if a soldier died they would use his clothes and shoes for someone else, when the Americans left cigarettes, beer, bullets lying around they came and took them. What i found interesting they even used the Americans soap to put over the ground where the air would be escaping from the tunnels, so the sniffer dogs would find their scent.

I also visited the war museum. There was a collection of photographs from 130 photographers that covered the war. Oh it was heavy going. I found it so disturbing. The photographs really captured what was going on. But they were extremely sad to see. The images that i found that hit hard were the ones of mothers and kids. Even some of the photographers said, when they took a particular photograph and walked on, a couple of seconds later they heard gun shots, knowing that the people in their photographs had just been killed.

There was also photos of the Americans torturing some of the soldiers before they shot them, this was sickly. And the Americans used a poison called agent orange, it was sprayed from aircraft over the trees that the Viet Cong army were hiding in. It was supposed to kill the trees, but what it did too was kill and mame people. Even second generation Vietnamese and Americans have deformities as a result of it. Overall the museum was depressing,but i found i really got a better insight into the Vietnam war, Or as the Vietnamese call it the American War...:-(

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