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Good Morning Vietnam

(Tuesday 15 November 2011) by Karen O'Shea
Hello guys.Greetings from a hot Vietnam.

God where do i start, What a place!!! It really is beautiful. The people here are just so friendly, which took me a little by surprise considering all the hardship the country has gone through. They are also quite small which makes me feel a normal height...:-):-)
They really work hard to make a living. Every house on the street in any city has been turned into a shop, a restaurant or a bar. Anything to make a living i guess. The food is fantastic, i'm really getting the knack of the old chop sticks. You can get a great meal for 3 euro and a drink for 50 cent...;-);-)
Its quite common in a restaurant to walk through the familys living quarters,ie kitchen bedrooms (you can often see the family sleeping) to use the toilet. I don't think health and safety is a big thing here, if it exists at all.:-)

Hanoi is the capital of vietnam. What a hectic place. Everyone drives a scooter (motorbike), let me rephrase that everyone drives a scooter erratically!! Oh my the roads are crazy, they drive on the right side, which can be open to question at times. Its amazing what people carry on the scooters, tvs, laundry baskets, ladders and the most people i have seen on one is a family of four!!! They all hoot and toot all the time. Its very noisey.

Ho chi minh was their leader in the sixities. They have him embalmed in a glass tomb which we went to see. His tomb is surrounded by armed guards and the air condition is on full blast, I kind of got a fit of the giggles, it was like going to an funeral, i felt i should have brought a card and shook hands to people.:-)

Ha long Bay is east of hanoi. Now that is really magnificent. It was up against the cliffs of moher in the new seven wonders of the world. It really is awesome. It is a bay full of cliffs. Really breathtaking views. Got to stay overnight on a boat. The captain was quite multi talented, from steering the ship, to cooking and than when the evening came around he turned into a karaoke king.....priceless!:-)

China beach was also worth a look. Its where the injured americans were sent to during the war. It really is a beautiful place but i felt it was a little eerie. Knowing what went on their and knowing it wasn't that long ago either. Also along the countryside you can see where the americans dropped bombs, the landscape has a white sandy colour from where the bombs hit.:-(

Hoi an is another place of interest. If its clothes your after this is the place. There are over 400 hundred tailors here. You just tell them what you want and they can whip up a suit, dress, shoes you name it all within 24 hours. Its dirt cheap. Crazy isn't it.

Hoi is another place i like. Its a small town, no crazy scooter drivers. Its a world heritage site. Its got a lovely rustic look to the buildings.

In Nha Thrang at the moment. Its a real tourist spot. Its got the biggest beech in vietnam. Only got here last night after a 10 hour train journey, so i haven't seen much of it yet but i will today.

At the moment i can't upload photos cause the internet connection is quite slow, but i will when i find a place where it is quicker. Overall i'm really impressed with vietnam and everything it has to offer. The group im travelling with are sound out, 19 of us in total from 10 differnent parts of the globe..My expectations were low before i came here but i haven't been disappointed with anything at all. :-);-):-)

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