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Why blog......why not????

(Monday 10 October 2011) by Karen O'Shea
3.45 a.m.....

Can’t sleep my mind is working overtime. I’ve decided to write a blog partly for my own amusement, partly to improve my spelling and use of the English language (hope to throw a few big words in here and there), and partly for you good folks to keep track of where I am on this planet, (I promise to do my best to stay on it)...;-)

So I apologise in advance if I may bore you at times with my rantings, if I am repetitious, if I am repetitious, and if I misspell a few words along the way (this baby doesn’t come with spell check), I’m only human after all.

So I plan to write about where I’ve been, what I’ve seen and how I feel. It won’t have none of this facebook muck like ..Karen O’Shea is on a bus, .. is in McDonalds,... is or any other .com...... Let me make it clear.......KARENDON’TCAREABOUT.COMS...... :-O

So feel free to visit my blog as often or as rare as you like, or if anyone is remotely interested in being kept up to date on my travels you can subscribe your email when I write or rant you’ll be notified.
You can also keep track on the map as I update the places I’ve visited. You can reply to any of my journal entries,(your replies will be published) and there is also a photo gallery if you want to browse through.

So have fun cause i sure will ;-) :-D ;-) :-D

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